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About us

House Of FabroSanz

Our Creative Director, Sandi Mazibuko understands the importance of evolving as a brand, with the aim of continuously meeting the growing needs of our loyal customers and ensuring that we leave lasting first impressions with our new clientele.

It was thus imperative that we explored avenues that would allow the company to focus more on being service-driven, shifting from providing fashionable goods to offering an enhanced overall experience to suit the glamorous lifestyles of our client base.

With fashion being the essence of what Fabrosanz is known for, it was a natural progression to incorporate the various services as an extension of the core element and echo the vision of the brand at large.

Through this advancement, the House of Fabrosanz was then launched – a platform which enabled to carry over our signature style while introducing our customers to the various facets which make up a 'style house'.


  • Fashion / Styling

We are your glorified one ‘stop-shop’ – You will have the option of not only shopping a specific look from the various brands we stock, but also have the opportunity to be dressed by our in-house stylist and get you ready for any occasion, right down to your accessories – we have you covered!

  • Make-up & Hair

We seek to collaborate with some of the best beauty brands and professionals to meet and surpass your beauty needs for that special occasion. We want our clients to feel like they’re on set of a magazine shoot and they are the star of the show!

After all, our hair is our crown, so why not live like the Queens we are!

A ‘House of Fabrosanz Woman’ is a trend setter, a visionary and sophisticated businesswoman. She’s the life of the party and is very particular with what she wants. Strong, smart and has a distinct style for beautiful things.

We kept these qualities in mind when structuring each package to achieve customer satisfaction.

"When you look good, you feel good. When you feel good, you do great"

This daily mantra sums it up perfectly, and we hope that all ladies will feel as good as they look while doing great things.

Brands we stock at HOF:



Angel Nomvalo