Terms of Purchase

Fabrosanz E-commerce Terms and Conditions (Delivery Management)

 E-commerce terms and conditions policy for the online store. This is a recently adopted policy which has been referenced from the Limitation of Liability clause, a universally recognized statute applied by all E-commerce stores. It adheres to the current Consumers Protection Act to protect both you the client,  and us as service provider.

At Fabrosanz we outsource courier services as an added service, designed to deliver the goods to your door, in a swift, safe and professional manner. The courier services used are credible companies which we have been outsourcing since the launch of our online store.

By making an online purchase order and receiving an invoice from us, you are signing off responsibility for paying for the goods and being the one- to receive your package.  Please may it be understood- that no refund, replacement or compensation can be claimed unless extraordinary circumstances occur. These are well defined on the Fabrosanz Online Store under our Fabrosanz Return/Exchange Policy

The process is as follows: once the online payment is successful and proof of payment has been sent, we send you a tracking number for your package, that will be delivered at the address provided by you (the client). This tracking number gives you information to track the date and estimated time of arrival for your ordered garment/s, allowing you adequate time to be readily available to sign for items.  This makes you, as the client, liable for the actual signing and verification of your items upon delivery. 

As we play no part in the logistical management of delivery, we are not responsible for third party persons who sign your package, unless otherwise indicated by you to us prior to the delivery date: that you will not be available to sign for your package. If you have designated a representative to sign on your behalf, it would be in your best interest to provide us with their contact details.

If either us or the courier company cannot reach you, the courier company will return the package to us, the original sender and you will have to incur the cost of re-posting the parcel.

If you are dissatisfied with our use of courier services, you always have the option visiting our stores or schedule the collection with your preferred courier company. We have a stores in JHB and Durban which have been designed to offer a quick, simple, stress free service. Your parcel will be ready at the branch near you after confirmation email have been sent to collect. Please note we can only keep the parcel for maximum of 15 days, should you not be able to collect ,please opt for delivery option. 

Compliance by you would be greatly appreciated to allow us to continue delivering to you on time.

Fabrosanz Return/Exchange Policy